Diagnostic Sleep Studies

At the Sleep Diagnostics & Research Centre we maintain the highest possible standards as to your comfortable nights rest. We understand sleeping in a bed that is not your own can sometimes be blessing or a challenge. To that end, we have created not only the ability to conduct a comprehensive sleep study in your very own bed, but we have made our own facility to rival the comfort, ambience and size of the finest hotels. Our knowledgeable staff, excellent customer service skills, and beautiful facilities offer the perfect environment to diagnose your sleep. Our sustained efforts to care for our patients even after their inhouse sleep disorder treatment has been a contributing factor in our overall company’s performance.

The Sleep Diagnostics & Research Centre of Conejo Valley’s services include diagnosis and evaluation of patients with various types of sleep disorders including Sleep Apnea, Insomnia Anxiety, Narcolepsy Disorder and Periodic Leg Movement.

Our panel of specialists in our sleep centre can assist in patient treatment for these sleep disorders and others. We offer ALL known modalities of treatment, from CPAP therapy, to oral appliances, surgery, and even acupuncture and biofeedback in the treatment of insomnia!

Our Mission is to meet and exceed the expectations of our patients, physicians and clinical research partners. We offer comprehensive services to our patients and have a passion for excellence and endeavor to set and deliver the highest standards of customer service, value, and good faith. We maintain high standards by recruiting and retaining dedicated physicians and staff. The Sleep Diagnostics & Research Centre developed and maintains high quality healthcare services and provides education to the public and healthcare professionals. We respect and enrich our community by providing leadership through practice, education and clinical research.